Love Thursdays.  Van load of buckets and boxes of flowers and foliages 
selected from the wholesale flower market.  Thursdays we create awesomeness
 for our regular clients who have the most amazing inspirational spaces. 
The Cullen features avant garde artwork from Adam Cullen.  
And so this allows us to to design a contemporary style using long stemmed 
structural and intense coloured flowers and vessel.

If you have an event or would like to send flowers and would like to see more 
our our flower designs visit the website for links to our pages on
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We love to hear from you, so email or call to discuss how we can create for you too.

Camberwell Market Florist transforms Circa

St Kilda's most glamorous restaurant is transformed for a wedding celebration.
Camberwell Market Florist sets the scene for a night that will be remembered.
Clusters of fresh flowers adorn the dining room from above 
and a collection of  perfect blooms dress the tables.
As a final touch, we add a chandelier of Anthuriums to the already existing garden
in the bar area.

Cool classic white and green tones - Natives, Ginger Foliage and Willow.
Arranged in wrought iron pot
Graces foyer in chic South Yarra hotel
Original creative concept -Camberwell Market Florist

It's a ruby red theme ....

Camberwell Market Florist creates a splash of colour
for client's event.

Beautiful bouquet combining Rhododendron, Roses and Hydrangea

Peony Profusion

Gorgeous cluster of Peonies

Stealing the Scene

Divine David Austin headpiece worn at Oaks Day 

Peony in season now

Locally grown blooms will be here for about 4 weeks.
Time to enjoy tiny buds unfold into gorgeous, gigantic flowers.

In the hotel foyer ...

... creating a lasting impression with an iron urn, eclectic native foliage,
King Protea and Ginger Torch.

A Country Wedding

A garden setting for the wedding, so the flowers are
a collection of roses in full bloom with accents of
Queen Anne Lace and Flannel Flower arranged
in an unstructured bouquet.

He hands me a small, delicately perfumed bunch, my heart melts.
It's pink Lily of the Valley.  So rare, so beautiful.

A dreamy combination .... Lilac and Snowball.  In season now.

A Profusion of Pink Blooms ...

 What a collection ...Dogwood, Lilac, Boronia and Foxglove.  In store now for a short time.

Superlative Spring Blooms

A collection of Double Daffodil (left), Sweet Pea (right) and Poppy (Centre)

"Create me a bouquet that will impress...and quick! I will leave it up to you."
Colour: Racy Red.
Flowers: Warratah, ruby Cluster Rose and Calla Lily, and some more roses

Green shoulder piece created for Issimo on-line magazine
September 1 launch.
Stylist's brief: "strong, haunting but not too pretty"

Celebrating ...

... a wedding at Stokehouse, St Kilda.
Surrounded by an eclectic collection of  colourful Spring blooms creating
a delightful sensory experience using vivid hues, texture, volume and shape.
Creative concept and installation by Camberwell Market Florist.

Gorgeous vase of flowers to give to someone special

Bride's Bouquet created for
Australian Jewish News
beautiful Wedding Magazine June 2013
Amazing photography by
Peter Haskin

Kaleidoscope of colour in this informal teardrop bride bouquet
 featured in Australian Jewish News
Wedding Magazine June 2013
Photographed by
Peter Haskin